This week in science - Issue 62

This week in science

Eyes tune in ears tune out, early exposure to antibiotics has setbacks, super waterproofing spray.

  1. This year at the European Respiratory Society International Congress researchers presented their finding after analysing over 30 different studies with over 400,000 patients.

    Their findings suggest that the use of antibiotics in early life increases the risk of developing hay fever and/or eczema, particularly those that were treated with more than one course of antibiotics.

  2. When eyes are busy, ears tune out

    New research from Linköping University has shown that when we are concentrating on something, the brain reduces hearing to make it easier to concentrate.

    Jerker Rönnberg, professor of psychology at Linköping University said: “The brain is really clever, and helps us to concentrate on what we need to do. At the same time, it screens out distractions that are extraneous to the task. But the brain can’t cope with too many tasks: only one sense at a time can perform at its peak. This is why it’s not a good idea to talk on the phone while driving.”

  3. Super waterproofing

    A team of engineers from the Australian National University have developed a revolutionary spray-on waterproofing solution.

    The protective nano-coating is made up of a combination of two plastics, one that is touch and the other flexible. They form an interwoven mesh that is water repellant, transparent and extremely resistant to ultraviolet radiation.